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Quick Training Implementation

68% of trainers using 360Learning have no prior e-learning experience. Yet, it takes them just 31 minutes (on average) to create their first course. 360Learning democratizes the use of e-learning within organizations.

Deployment timelines for new training initiatives are no longer measured in quarters, but in a matter of days. The user interface was designed with you in mind, whether you’re a trainer or a learner, by adopting logic from websites you’re already familiar with.

Lightweight and Interactive Documents

Upload documents from your computer (word, ppt, pdf) or from the Internet (YouTube, Prezi, Slideshare). We host your content and you benefit from unlimited storage.

360Learning offers light, free and interactive document formats that your learners know how to use.

Questions to Verify Knowledge Retention

Add 3 types of activities to your training programs: enhanced cheat sheets, multimedia documents or questions.

360Learning allows you to create 7 different types of questions. Looking for more? Our API lets you create new ones.

Open Questions? Your Trainers Correct Them

Create open questions that learners can respond to by either typing in the answer or uploading a document. Trainers are notified when answers are sent. They can correct answers and send comments to learners, who will in turn also receive a notification.

Individual Monitoring at Scale

Trainers monitor hundreds of learners at any given moment. With 360Learning, you can create correction templates that allow you to quickly correct hundreds of open questions and personalize your corrections.

Administrators can follow Trainer activity in real-time from their dashboard.

Training Programs Including Blended Learning

A training program consists of various courses that you send to learners. You can assign specific elements to learners, including Blended Learning (attended classes, virtual classes, etc.).

Your work is simplified. Invitations and reminders are automatically sent by email.

Personalized Certificates

You can award learners who have successfully completed your training programs with certificates, assuming they have passed all related exams.

With 360Learning, you can create certificates that reflect your personal image or style using our automated tool. All of our certificates have a unique ID number that allows anyone to verify the certificate’s authenticity via our dedicated service.

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Distribution and Management
Real-time Tracking
Integrated and Secure